We are in the process of moving all of our legacy provisioning code and change management to Chef.

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A Ruby gem written to monitor the health of our hardware RAID arrays, specifically looking out for disk failures and medium errors.

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Drill is a Ruby gem powered by Celluloid to allow us to easily make changes to our servers.

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About Our Team

The 5Ops team at Site5.com, also known as the Technology Department, is composed of the following teams: Systems, Server Health, Abuse, and Research & Development. We are responsible for managing the entire technical operations infrastructure at Site5. We are a team of System Administrators and Engineers trying to merge common software development practices — software revision control, peer review, testing — with traditional systems administration.

In cooperation with the Software Development team, we are using Ruby on many new projects so we can leverage the Ruby gem libraries already created by that team and in use on their web applications to also be used in our backend systems projects. We believe strongly in refactoring code to produce a finished product that can be easily read, understood, and maintained long-term by any person on the team.